Welcome to Mopani Gold. We are a high-grade African gold producer with three mines in Kenya and Zimbabwe. Through refurbishment, exploration and acquisition of stranded assets, we have an exciting opportunity to build substantial gold businesses in the heart of Africa’s richest mining regions.

We are a certified registered company. Comp. Reg. No: AC178395


We strive for excellence in everything we do


Socially, we support our people to thrive: employees, local communities, shareholders and suppliers - now, and for generations to come.


We limit negative impact and aim to increase positive impact: we focus on brownfield redevelopment, rehabilitating historic operations rather than targeting pristine landscapes.


We want to be world-class: we use the best of what is available and affordable to do justice to the deposits we choose to mine.


We deliver strong returns: to date, organic growth has delivered strong returns for shareholders. At Venice Mine in Zimbabwe we will triple production by the end of 2025. At Karebe Mine in Kenya we are evaluating opportunities to augment existing operations.

We Are Mopani Gold

At Mopani Gold, we are dedicated to transforming the gold mining industry through responsible stewardship, excellence, and sustainable practices. With high-grade mines in Kenya and Zimbabwe, we focus on rehabilitating old or under-explored gold assets, aiming for early production opportunities and significant exploration potential.

As we navigate the exciting opportunities in the heart of Africa’s richest mining regions, Mopani Gold welcomes you to be a part of our journey towards responsible and sustainable gold mining.


Explore Our Mines


Karebe Mine

Discover the story of our flagship mine, Karebe. Operating as one of the world's highest-grade gold mines, we employ cutting-edge technology and responsible practices.
2022 11 30 - Venice Mine- KB Mpofu -62

Venice Mine Complex

Uncover the potential held within the historic Venice Mine Complex. Learn more about our three-phase expansion plan and watch high-confidence 3D modelling.

Commoner Mine

Explore the history and significance of Commoner Mine, where our commitment to responsible practices meets a rich mining legacy.